About me



“Photography si for me as life itself. I really love the variety, colors, emotionality, temperament, and also its challenges. It’s tough, but beautiful. My aim is to learn, to find out and rejoice. Satisfy myself and bring satisfaction to others by a photo experience and  exceptional pictures. Photography is a long journey and I will be more than happy, if we meet on it one day.”

She is a member of the AF ČR (Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic). In 2010 she was (as one of a few in Czech republic) awarded with a prestigious QEP title (Qualified European Photographer) by Federation of European Photographers.

Photographic work

Alice is focusing mainly on underwater photography.  And even when working with sophisticated thematic scenery, a fundamental pillar is always maintaining maximum naturalness of subjects for the processing of the main idea in an extraordinary environment. She puts great emphasis on overall emotional impression and the genuineness of what is below the water surface. Everything is real. There is no photomontage.

In addition to underwater photography, Alice also specializes on children’s portraits, portraits of adults, family photos, wedding and business photography. Due to her vast experience, she is also shooting the documentary pictures (especially film, theater), as well as product and advertising photography.

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